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    Shoes - Women's shoes

    Equestrian Chic

    Western boots are back to being where it's at thanks to their elegant and feminine silhouette. Pair them with your workwear for a stylish, modern getup.


    Western boots

    The autumn western boots for women at Simons

    Today's Top Trends

    Swedish Distinction

    The utter perfection of platform soles

    Vagabond Shoemakers

    Tara platform derby shoes

    Tara platform derby shoes for women by Vagabond Shoemakers at Simons

    The lustrous allure of masculine shoes

    Vagabond Shoemakers

    Amina derby shoes

    Amina derby shoes for women by Vagabond Shoemakers at Simons

    The immaculateness of minimalist sneakers

    Vagabond Shoemakers

    Zoe ivory platform sneakers

    Zoe ivory platform sneakers for women by Vagabond Shoemakers at Simons

    Our Top Brands

    Cool Kicks

    The stylish kicks you love so much are looking fresh with the latest colours and popping patterns.

    Beach Bound

    With their refreshing patterns and strappy designs, our latest sandals will have you dreaming of the wildest tropical escapades.

    Women's sandals by Roxy at Simons

    Your tool for finding the right shoe size to make your online shopping a breeze.

    Fit Finder tool at Simons
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